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Extension for Bandito Shoulder Belt Hold Down Assembly Magazine Holder
Hold Down Assembly
Our Price: $11.75
Magazine Holder
Our Price: $15.00

The Bandito Shoulder Belt Extension can be added to the Bandito Shoulder Belt to increase the length. Several sizes and colors are available.

The Hold Down Assembly is used with the Tri-Vertible Holster.  If you plan to wear your Tri-Vertible Holster in the verticle position you will need to purchase the Hold Down Assembly.  The Hold Down Assembly is optional when using the horizontal position.

The Magazine Holder can be worn on a waist belt or a shoulder harness. Made of soft black glove leather, with shape forming collar it's tailored to a compact fit. The Magazine Holder is velcro adjustable to fit a number of magazine sizes.
Magazine Holder - Screw On Single Magazine Holder - Clip On Single Magazine Holder with Magnet
The Magazine Holder - Screw On is designed for the Bandito Shoulder Belt. 4 Chicago screws come apart easily, giving you the option to change out the magazine holder to accomodate changing ammunition needs.
The Magazine Holder - Clip On Single has a versatile 1 1/2" clip to attach to your waist band/belt.
The Magazine Holder with Magnet can be worn almost anywhere with its powerful magnetic system. Made of black or brown leather, it's Velcro adjustable to fit almost any magazine!
Magazine Holder - Slide On Double
The Magazine Holder - Slide On Double slides on any belt up to 1 1/2" wide.