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Tri-Vertible Ambidextrous Holster Mag- Jic Holster
Our Price: $50.00
Our Price: $38.75
Tri-Vertible Holster Mag-Jic Holster
The Tri-Vertible Holster is in a class by itself when it comes to comfort and versatility.  It adjusts easily and can also be configured for left hand shooters.
The Mag-Jic Holster is the paddle holster that works like magic. With it's super powerful magnet it requires no belt. It's fast on and off and also attaches to surfaces in your auto, home, or business.

Hollywood Single Waist Rig
Our Price: $200.00
Hollywood Single Waist Rig
In the world of western style holster rigs, our Hollywood Waist Rig stands out as a true classic.  It's simple classic design features a premium grade cowhide leather outer for durability and a soft, suede lining for comfort.