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ASH   Alaskan Specialty Holster
BUS22   Bandito 22 Auto Holster
BUSR2   Bandito Extra Long for Puma Bounty Hunter, Rossi Ranch Hand, Henry Mare's Leg
BSH-TCC   Bandito Holsters for the Thompson Contender/Encore
BRH   Bandito Revolver Holster
BUSRH   Bandito Revolver S/US Holster
BSH-A   Bandito Scoped Holster
BSB   Bandito Shoulder Belt
BFRSH   BFR Specialty Holster
CH   Clip Holster
CSH   Comanche Specialty Holster
CVA   Convertible Ambidextrous Holster
DESH   Desert Eagle Specialty Holster
BE   Extension for Bandito Shoulder Belt
FJ   Flapjack Holster
GDWR   Gambler Double Waist Rig
GSWR   Gambler Single Waist Rig
HDA   Hold Down Assembly
HDWR   Hollywood Double Waist Rig
HSWR   Hollywood Single Waist Rig
HGWH   Hollywood/Gambler Western Holster
JSH   Judge Specialty Holster
MJ   Mag- Jic Holster
MH   Magazine Holder
MH-CLS   Magazine Holder - Clip On Single
MH-SOS   Magazine Holder - Screw On Single
MH-SLD   Magazine Holder - Slide On Double
MHM   Magazine Holder with Magnet
PP   Pro-Packer Holster
TVA   Tri-Vertible Ambidextrous Holster

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