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Bandito Shoulder Belt
Bandito Shoulder Belt
Our Price: $45.00

The Bandito Shoulder Belt features a unique design that has no equal for comfort and simplicity. Wear with holsters for all large frame handguns, revolvers, TC's, semi-autos, scoped & unscoped.

Bandito Revolver Holster
Bandito Revolver Holster
Our Price: $54.50

The Bandito Revolver Holster is available in a variety of barrel lengths for medium and large frame models.

Bandito Scoped Holster, Thompson Contender
Bandito Holsters for the Thompson Contender/Encore
Our Price: $60.00

Bandito Holster for the Thompson Contender: The same holster provides a perfect fit for most TC's with or without scope; also available in a scoped covered model.

Bandito Scoped Holster, Class A
Bandito Scoped Holster
Our Price: $71.00

The Bandito Scoped Holster features a covered scope, available for revolvers as well as semi-automatics.

Bandito Revolver S/US Holster
Bandito Revolver S/US Holster
Our Price: $80.00

Features the same perfect fit, scoped or unscoped... add a scope, simply add a flap to fit.